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Ashton Russell Collection

About Us

Established Jan. 2023

The brand was inspired by my son, Ashton Russell, who was born August 2019. The crown in the logo represents him being a Leo and a young king. By age 42 I had all girls I was content, but God knew my heart and blessed me with a baby boy. 

I wanted to honor my cousin Ashton Denard Heaston, who passed away at age 22 by giving my son his first name, but I knew I wanted to do more. With my name being, Russell Heaston, it was a perfect way to represent my son, my cousin and myself. Combining the names together was a very special and emotional moment in time. It was then I realized TIME is key to every aspect of life. 

Starting the Ashton Russell Watch Brand allows everyone but especially me to appreciate the time we have while leaving an everlasting legacy for family! 


Word on the Street

GAME CHANGER…. This watch is an all occasion watch “I LOVE IT”. When you can give it to a watcher lover and they don’t want to take it off, you know you have won. I can’t wait until more variety of colors are available.!.!.!

Felicia Freeman

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